July 20, 2021

Hi I'm Paul O'Brien,

I am 49 and living in Westport with my amazing wife Eileen and our 5-year old son (and teacher), Kai. From a young age, I always questioned traditional models of what it meant to lead a good life. 

After bouncing from college to the working world in an attempt to fit into a model that would please others, I realised that only by being true to myself would I be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life. I embarked upon 8 years of travelling and working in places like Australia, the UK, South America and many more. Though travelling brought much joy, I was also using it to run away from the ‘black dog’ that haunted me.

Though I have been ‘sporty’ all my life, I had never realised the vital role physical activity had in my mental and overall wellbeing. Running the London Marathon in 1999 changed the direction of my life and gave me insight into how physical activity could help me tap into my full power. This has been an ongoing journey for me and inspired me to become a Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Nutritional Coach after returning to Ireland in 2005.

For the past 15-years, I have worked with thousands of people as a trainer, coach, speaker and writer, spreading the message of wellbeing through the access point of physical activity. My great joy is to witness a client ‘get it’ and begin to change their life. I also believe that each of our stories holds unique value for the world, and in sharing them and learning from one another, we can create the future our children deserve.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/752155934/videos/10158686878910935/

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paul o'brien

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Padraic Rocliffe is the founder of The PIP Foundation.

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