PIP Foundation

The Prosperity in People Foundation (PIP) is a charitable organisation focused on helping the most vulnerable in society achieve physical, mental and spiritual Prosperity.




of homeless people have had issues with addiction


3 out of 4 homeless people suffer with mental health issues

What We Do

The PIP Foundation offers services to the most vulnerable society including the homeless via pillars of distribution, education and de-stigmatisation.

PIP Packs!

Across Ireland The PIP Foundation distributes essential goods into the hands of the most vulnerable in our society, such as our homeless.

PIP Talks!

We offer captivating talks in schools, clubs, societies and more on ‘Overcoming Adversity and Giving Back to Those who Need it Most

PIP Squeaks
PIP Squeaks!

A community of PIP Squeaks who aim to plant seeds of prosperity by sharing personal stories to create awareness, destigmatize, educate and inspire.

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Want to help us!?
Share our content!
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Want to give back? Join us on this journey of giving back to those who need it most.

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Do you have a powerful story to share? Get in touch and become a PIP Squeak today.

Come To An Event!

Whether you want to help improve another, or improve yourself, attend our next PIP event.

Listen To Our Podcast!

Follow our story as we try to get to the crux of key societal issues associated with homelessness and wellbeing in Ireland.

Sponsor a PIP Pack!

Help us provide the vulnerable and homeless with non-perishable, clothing, food items, liquids, hygiene products & more.

PIP Talk!

Invite a member of the PIP team to your school, club, society or business and help us raise awareness.

The Back Story

Founder, Padraic Rocliffe

Hi my name is Padraic Rocliffe and I started the Prosperity in People Foundation because I want to give back to the most vulnerable in society.

What I want is for people to be happy, to be healthy, to be well, to be fed, watered, cleaned and clothed. I want people to be educated and apply skills learnt from others experiences to reach their full potential in happiness. Most of all I want people to be prosperous physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Praise and Testimonials

I really enjoyed volunteering with 'The Prosperity in People Foundation'. It was such a humbling experience getting to give back to those who need.

Laura Kerin Operations Manager, University of Limerick

For the first time in weeks I will have a hot drink, fresh clothing to wear and some cleaning stuff to use in my hostel

Homeless Anonymous

This organisation is a young group that gives such hope and is going to help so many in the future”

Graham O’ Toole Broadcaster Spin 103.8

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