The Prosperity in People Foundation is a bi-product of overcoming adversity and the subsequent need to give back to those who need it most via distribution, creating awareness, de-stigmatization and education.

Hi, I'm Padraic Rocliffe and in 2010 I was your stereotypical 19 year old, happy go lucky, permanently on cloud 9. 

Much of my time was spent training and competing in swimming pools up and down the country 7 days a week nationally and internationally building skills of resilience, work ethic, determination, commitment and integrity. Little did I know how important these skills and the application of such would be later in life. 

Mental Health knows no boundaries, after a backstep in swimming and a loss of identity those dark hands of depression began to wrap themselves around me quite tightly, soon I forgot how to train, I forgot how to eat, I forgot how laugh, but most importantly I forgot how to TALK. I couldn't live with the mental torment any longer and only for the rope that I used snapped I wouldn't be here today.

Subsequent years of addiction in the form of alcohol and substance abuse, a near death experience in Death Valley, California breaking my neck, back and foot that lead me to engaging with a homeless mother and son on Christmas Day and a long rehabilitation journey physically, mentally and spiritually has moulded the person I have become today; X4 Years Clean, X2 Years Sober, PhD Candidate in Physical Activity, Health and Mental Health; Motivational Speaker; Head Coach of the University of Limerick Swim Team; Marathon Swimmer and Founder of The Prosperity in People Foundation.