July 20, 2021

Hi, I'm Evan Lynch, 

I am a former international athlete, spending my adolescence as a race walker, winning over 20 national titles, competing in European & World Championships and even setting some national records along the way. 

Being an athlete taught me a lot, it taught me how to work hard, that effort matters and that anybody can be a superstar. In hindsight, I was using sports to self-soothe poor mental health & anxiety, a reality that became a nightmare when injury threw me out of elite sports.

Post sports career, I started my own nutrition coaching consultancy which has led me to spend time studying in Malta to become a dietitian, having the opportunity to work with Athletics Ireland, Cycling Ireland & DCU whilst being given the chance to speak in many venues ranging from universities, schools, clubs & businesses. On a one to one basis I currently work with a plethora of professional athletes & Olympians. This process taught me to believe in myself, to work well under pressure and to never give up. I have had a lot of disappointments & moments of self doubt, more than most my age.

I have a very supportive wife and together we have a very happy life with our 16 month old daughter, I am 25 years old, I am lucky that I have had the chance to push my limits in every sense of the word, I am lucky to be relied on, to be tasked with building a business and having the challenge of pulling myself together whilst working on my mental health in the process. I speak 4 languages and play the guitar when I get a chance.

If I can do anything, build anything or pick up a skill, I believe anyone can. A lifetime's worth of lessons has led me to the conclusion that all it takes is a lot of hard work and a helping hand, a hand which I will offer to anyone who wants it.

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Evan Lynch

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About the Author Padraic Rocliffe

Padraic Rocliffe is the founder of The PIP Foundation.

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