August 3, 2021

Hi Everyone, I'm Elaine,

I set up the first Peer Led Centre in the West of Ireland in 2019. 

A peer is someone who has personal experiences of mental health difficulties and is qualified to help others. I suffered with anxiety in National school which developed into depression, psychosis, self-harm and eventually attempted to take my own life. Following time in the psychiatric services, I decided to take my recovery into my own hands and trust my inner self. I realised that I needed to heal on many levels, not just mentally. I went on to do a degree in this subject area and probably haven't stopped studying since. I now empower others through the carefully designed model of care at Perspective that cultivates wellness that comes from within rather than focusing on illness.

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Elaine Browne


About the Author Padraic Rocliffe

Padraic Rocliffe is the founder of The PIP Foundation.

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