July 20, 2021

Hi, I'm Daryl,

After being in a tragic school bus crash at the age of 14 in which five girls lost their lives, l lost respect for life and started living life as if my actions had no consequences. 

I didn’t think about how my decisions or behaviour might affect others and often felt a certain guilt about surviving the bus crash. I found alcohol and drugs which helped numb much of the negative thoughts I was having about myself. This got me into lots of trouble as the years went on and led me down a dark path overtime. After battling with addiction for over 10 years, I hit "rock bottom" when I found myself drinking the remains of wine and beer bottles from a recycling bin when the off licences weren't open. It was then I realised he had to make the decision to ask for help because I wasn't going to live much longer this way.

I subsequently went through treatment, built myself back, turned my life around and joined forces with my brother Cormac to create Wolf Academy. I aim to inspire and motivate young people to live healthy lives and take care of their mind and body. Through sharing stories of my experiences, It is my mission to show the importance of expressing emotions and how healthy habits and routines can prepare you for anything life throws at you.

I am a Certified Canfield Success Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I also have a Diploma in Psychology and have participated in Flow Leadership Training with Jamie Wheal. 

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Daryl Noone

Email: daryl.pipfoundation@gmail.com

About the Author Padraic Rocliffe

Padraic Rocliffe is the founder of The PIP Foundation.

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