July 20, 2021

Hi Everyone, I'm Cormac,

After graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Management Science, I went on to work as an IT Consultant for Accenture. 

Unfulfilled in this new job, I felt a desire to help those living on the streets. I started "Pizza Sunday Club" with Martin Connolly to create a community around those experiencing homelessness in Dublin by providing food, live music and conversation on Grafton street every Sunday.

I then quit my job in IT and went travelling for 2 and a half years through Canada, the US and Central America. During my travels I undertook some travel writing and wrote for his blog re-tiredat25.com. I also undertook an 1800km cycle to the east coast of Canada in order to discover what I truly wanted to do with his life.

Upon returning to Ireland, I started Wolf Academy with my brother Daryl. Our aim is to transform education in Ireland so that young people live happier and healthier lives, become their true selves and achieve their ultimate vision. I provide talks and workshops in secondary schools as a Certified Canfield Success Coach and have a Diploma in Psychology and qualifications in NLP and CBT. I have also participated in Flow Leadership Training with Jamie Wheal. 

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Cormac Noone

Email: cormac.pipfoundation@gmail.com

About the Author Padraic Rocliffe

Padraic Rocliffe is the founder of The PIP Foundation.

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