August 3, 2021

Hi Everyone, I'm Conor,

I am a Ultra Marathon runner and Mental Health Advocate. I struggled with my mental health throughout my teens and twenties, forever feeling like I was on a roller coaster of ups and downs. 

From climbing Kilimanjaro as a teen, to flying to Thailand to chase a dream of becoming a Muay Thai champion I constantly sought contentment within myself and my mind. 

I stumbled upon ultra-running by chance. In 2019, while training for a 200 mile ultramarathon, I began to unearth a sense of self and inner stability, talking to the demons I had carried with me from an early age which lightened the mental load. Throughout my journey in Ultra endurance, from winning the Enduroman 200 mile Ultra Marathon or running a loop of my patio for 24 hours straight I have always sought to understand more about myself as a person.

I has used setbacks as an opportunity to explore other areas of life and spread a message about adapting to the ever-changing environment, simplifying our thought patterns and controlling what we can control.

I have been spreading this mental health message both nationally and internationally and was recently part of RTE’s documentary called ‘I’m Fine’ which focused on destigmatising issues around a range of mental health issues across Ireland.

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Conor O'Keeffe


About the Author Padraic Rocliffe

Padraic Rocliffe is the founder of The PIP Foundation.

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